1. fr. chito salamat sa mga pagninilay mo. Every week hinihintay ko tlaga ung translation mo mas nauunawaan ko, sobrang ang laki ng kontribusyon ng pagninilay mo sa akin salamat talaga. sa april 13 ipagdiriwang ko ang 25th aniv ko sa pagkapari d2 sa marinduque gus2 kitang imbitahan dahil malaki ang naitulong mu sa akin bilang pari sa pamamagitan ng mga homilies mo..e2 ung number ko just in case 09108582882…or eamil mo ako. salamat kapatid!

  2. In our times today, characterized by relativism, the message of the Decalogue becomes more distinguished in that there are still in fact “absolutes” which we cannot just let go or even water down. Your presentation of the Ten Commandments in this sermon made me appreciate them not just “commands” that prohibit, but more so, they are “words” of life from the One–the Absolute, who neither deceives us with His words, nor can we deceive by “circumventing” or even to a certain extent “bending” the “commands” He has given us as we journey like the Israelites in these “contours of hopelessness in society that baffle us at times.

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