Hospitality gone too far?

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People didn’t rant against APEC, but against the local leaders and organisers who had all the time and the full machinery of state to plan for it, but apparently they did not do their homework until late in the day. It is all about competence of leaders and their respect for the rights of ordinary people, above all.

Thoughts in Kilobytes

Before I begin, I shall say first that before you put this down to mere ranting again, maybe you can take the time to really hear and understand the other side before you belittle them again. Unless you’d rather let the proverbial yellow arrogance prevail that anybody who is not for this administration is a traitor of this country which I feel is a warped sense of nationalism. (Oh the irony.)

To start, let me ask this: Who really did the PHILIPPINES and even APEC a DISSERVICE as the country hosts the APEC Summit?

First of all, AGAIN, people ranted NOT because the APEC was held here. These people ranted about the effect that holding APEC here in Metro Manila had not just inconvenienced them but affected them in a major way even if it is just for a few days. It could have been held somewhere where the…

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